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Abortion victimises Fathers and violates their Human Rights!

Updated: Jun 21

Media Release 10 May 2023

The Abortion Legislation Act 2020 discriminates against men, there is absolutely no mention of the father. It allows for the murder of his child at the request of the mother, authorised and funded by the government. There is no provision for the father to be consulted or even advised of the murder of his child. The law does not recognise the father’s right to protect his child from being killed. His grief and suffering are denied.This is an appalling violation of human rights. We have to ask, why are men silent?

Every child is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God the Father’s loving creation. The Fatherhood of man commences at conception. Children in the womb have a right to the love and protection of their father. Fathers have an inalienable right to protect their children. Our abortion law cruelly silences and rejects fathers, violating their human rights. Fathers are the silent victims of abortion.

Why does society condone and ignore the grief and pain of fathers who are prohibited from preventing the murder of their child?

The law is unjust. It ignores the rights of the father to protect his child in the womb but if it is born, he becomes immediately responsible to provide maintenance to the mother for eighteen years.

The father also has a duty to protect the mother of his child and the mother also has a right to the protection of the father. Why do we inflict this injustice on men, women and the unborn?

A Gallop poll in the United States in 2003 revealed that 72 per cent of those polled supported the father being advised of a mothers intent to abort and a poll in 2002 revealed that only 38 per cent of those polled were opposed to fathers being required to authorise an abortion.