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March for Life National Event

The 2023 March for Life event will take place in Wellington on Saturday December 2nd. This is an annual event where Pro-Life supporters come together from all around New Zealand to pray and march through the steets of Wellington from Union Square to Parliament Buildings. They do so on behalf of the voicelss unborn children over 13,000 of whom lose their lives each year to abortion.

March for Life NZ1_edited.jpg

Head of March on way to Parliament

New Zealand's unborn children are the weakest of the weak. They have no voice. Our unjust laws now mean they can be killed in the womb right up to birth. We march to support their right to life. Jacinda Ardern is the architect of the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 which significantly liberalised our laws.

March for Life NZ2_edited.jpg

Union Square pre March

People come each year from all around New Zealand to lend their voice for the unborn children. We will continue to march until we have achieved justice for the unborn and we see our laws changed to protect the right to Life of our vulnearble. Will you come and help speak on their behalf and  support their precious lives?

March for Life NZ3_edited.jpg

Kids get in on the act to speak up.

Since the passing of the Contraception, Steralisaiton and Abortion legislation in 1977 over half a million of our unborn kids have been killed. Their mother's are the second victim of abortion, many of whom have been persuaded that the unborn child is not a living human being.

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