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The fight for the right to Life of our unborn and vulnerable requires urgent and collective action. Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Pray: Pray for a change of heart by the mothers who are considering the abortion of their unborn child. Pray for those women who are struggling in the aftermath of having an abortion. Pray for the mothers who have chosen to give life to their child, that they may receive all the support they need. Pray for the politicians who make our laws, that they may be convicted of the evil of their actions. Pray for those involved in the act of abortion, the abortionists, nurses, technicians, pharmacists. Pray for those involved in the fight against abortion. Pray for unity in the Pro-Life movement and finally pray that all people will be moved by the plight of the unborn and vulnerable and take action to remove the scourge from the nations. More and more we are seeing persecution coming to those who are prepared to take a stand.

1. Stay Informed: Educate yourself and others about Pro-Life and Pro-Family issues worldwide.

2. Advocate: Speak out against injustices and advocate for policies that protect the right to Life of the unborn and the vunerable unwell. Remember courage is contagious! It inspires and emboldens others to speak the truth, even if it might be tough to do so. You can do this by making an appointment to see your MP, writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, talk-back radio, talking with your family, friends and neighbours. Taking part in prayer and protest events. The list is endless.

3. Support: Consider making a gift to provide support so that we can advocate on their behalf.





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