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Assisted suicide and euthanasia are not health care. We care about those persons who are facing the end of their lives and believe that the 'End of Life Choice Act 2019', endangers the lives ofvulnerable people. It was passed without adequate safeguards to protect the vulnerable and against the wishes of the vast majority of people who made submissions and with no regard to proposed amendments that would have provided safeguards. Right to Life believes that providing care and support is the solution not the killing of the patient and that end of life care should include fully funded palliative measures.

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Right to Life Petition to Repeal the End of Life 
Choice Act (2019)

What are we calling for?

Request – That the House of Representatives repeal the End of Life Choice Act 2019.Reason – We believe: it is a violation of the law of God and the fifth commandment that “you shall not kill” for a health professional to kill their patient with a lethal injection or to assist in their suicide; the Act violates the Government’s excellent Suicide Prevention Strategy; it was passed in a referendum that we believe was influenced by misinformation on medical treatment that was already legal; terminating the lives of patients is not necessary as NZ has excellent hospices and palliative care.

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Please defend life by signing this petition calling on Parliament to repeal the End of Life Choice Act 2019. [EOLC Act] After you have signed it please forward the petition to your friends.

The [EOLC Act] will be reviewed this year by Parliament. David Seymour, leader of ACT and his colleagues will be seeking  to increase the number of the vulnerable in our community who will be eligible to receive a lethal injection or to  be assisted in suicide. Right to Life seeks not the amendment of this dangerous legislation bur its repeal.


Here is the link to the petition:-  Click Here

Petitioner Name – Ken Orr
Organisation –  Right to Life New Zealand Inc.
Title – Petition of Right to Life New Zealand Inc.: Repeal the End of Life Choice Act 2019

Closing date – 30/09/2024

Kind regards,

Ken Orr,
Right to Life