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Defund Family Planning – death peddlers!

Updated: Nov 6

Media Release 1 November 2023

Right to Life requests that the incoming government ceases to fund the N.Z. Family Planning Association that received more than $14 million in funding in 2022. The Association is at the forefront in promoting a culture of death in New Zealand, involving the war against women, war against the unborn and the traditional marriage of exclusively one man and one woman.

The Family Planning Association supports the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 which permits the killing of the unborn up to birth. The Association also supports the Safe Area legislation that restricts our freedom of speech and assembly.

The Association promotes violence against women and our precious unborn. It is at the forefront in the killing of the innocent and defenceless unborn in New Zealand. The Association has won a contract with the government to participate in the multi-million dollar abortion industry by providing the National Abortion Telehealth Service "Decide" for the killing of unwanted children during the first nine months of life.

The NZFPA is affiliated with sister organisation Planned Parenthood of America. This organisation was founded by Margaret Sanger, a staunch eugenicist who held racist affiliations and believed in the elimination of certain groups of people. Sanger, who despised the poor, the sick, the disabled and immigrants, noted that one of the methods to “weed out the unfit” and breed a “pure” human race was through birth control. Even Sanger though originally believed abortion to be wrong and was quoted as saying “the practice of it merely for limitation of offspring is dangerous and vicious”. How things have changed.

NZ Family Planning faithfully follows this philosophy in holding that abortion is a necessary backup to dispose of children resulting from failed contraception. The mantra of NZFPA is the same as Margaret Sanger, “every child a wanted child.” Those children who are not planned, are unwanted and should be killed before birth while still in the womb. Adoption is not a preferred option.