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Why is the government killing of unborn children not an election issue?

Updated: Feb 17

Media Release 18 December 2022

The most important justice issue facing our nation is the government authorised and funded murder of our nation’s unborn children. Why is it not an election issue?

Right to Life calls upon the Churches to abandon their silence and to preach from every pulpit in the land that we have a duty to elect to our Parliament only those who will uphold the sanctity of life and protect the lives of God’s precious infants.

The first duty of those elected to our parliament is to protect the right to life of every member of the community from conception to natural death. Those who are prepared to kill the unborn should not be trusted to govern the born.

Right to Life believes that both Jacinda Ardern and Christopher Luxon should not be trusted to govern this nation because of their support for the violent killing of the unborn. Christopher Luxon commendably recognises abortion as murder, however he has promised that his government would not amend the abortion law as it was settled law and would continue funding the killing of the innocent and defenceless unborn.

Every day an estimated 36 unborn children are poisoned, sucked out of their mother’s wombs or violently dismembered. This violence against women and their unborn is promoted as health care. Seeking effective legal protection for women and unborn children is not an issue for the government of Jacinda Ardern, Christopher Luxon and the National party or in fact any other party in Parliament.