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Violence against children begins in the womb! Where are the Churches?

Media Release 9 November 2023

Right to Life asks why the majority of the churches in New Zealand, who should be at the forefront in defending the right to life of God’s precious infants, responded to the killing of 14,164 unborn children in 2022, and the wounding of their mothers with a deafening silence?

The murder of baby Ru in Lower Hutt has received major media coverage resulting in commendable public grief and outrage.

New Zealand has a child homicide problem. Information recently leaked from Oranga Tamariki (formerly Child Youth and Family) reveals that there have been 57 child homicides in New Zealand since this child protection agency commenced operations in 2017.

Each of these children who were murdered were God’s precious infants, made in His image and likeness, unique and unrepeatable miracles of His loving creation.

We should be very concerned about the violence inflicted on these innocent and defenceless children. If we are really serious about opposing violence against born children, then we must also be opposed to violence being inflicted on unborn children.

Violence against children commences in the womb.