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Unprecedented excess deaths in 2023!

Media Release 20 August 2023

Right to Life asks why are more people than usual dying in 2023 in New Zealand? Why is the government not conducting an urgent enquiry into the unprecedented excess deaths and dramatic reduction in live births in New Zealand since the introduction of the Pfizer Covid 19 mRNA experimental gene therapy in February 2021.

Excess deaths in New Zealand in 2023 were 14% above the 2018/2019 number of deaths. There were also 28% less live births in 2023 compared with 2018/19 prior to the pandemic. This is a horrendous and unprecedented increase in deaths.

Statistics NZ report for the year ending 30 June 2023

• 57,534 live births were registered, down from 60,009 in 2022.

• 38,346 deaths were registered, up from 36,723 in 2022.