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Right to Life requests boycott of all pharmacies dispensing abortion pills!

Media Release 26 July 2023

Right to Life asks next time you walk into a pharmacy are you patronising an abortion provider who has the blood of innocent unborn children on his hands.

Right to Life believes that If today the government can direct pharmacists to fill prescriptions for lethal abortion pills to kill the unborn, tomorrow the government may well direct pharmacists to fill prescriptions with lethal drugs to kill us.

It is deplorable that the Labour government of Christopher Hipkins should implicate the noble pharmacy profession in the murder of innocent unborn children under the guise that this is an essential health service, authorised and funded by the government. This is an abomination and an outrage. There are 900 pharmacies in New Zealand and more than 4,000 registered pharmacists who are being coerced by the government to violate their conscience and support its war on women and their precious unborn by dispensing medical abortion pills.

Those pharmacists who are prepared to facilitate the killing of unborn children up to 10 weeks gestation,