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Right to Life believes ACT Party threat to the lives of the vulnerable!

Updated: Jul 27

Media Release 23 July 2023

Sir Roger Douglas, a founder of ACT believes that ACT has lost its way and refuses to vote for ACT at the 2023 general election. Right to Life encourages electors concerned with protecting our right to life to follow the example of Sir Roger.

Right to Life believes that the ACT Party which was shamefully at the forefront in promoting and supporting the End of Life Choice Act [EOLC Act] 2019, which permits doctors to kill their patients with a lethal injection or assist their suicide, will be vigorously promoting amendments to the Act in 2024.

The review of the EOLC Act will be conducted in 2024. The leader of ACT, David Seymour, advised Right to Life on 28th November 2021 that it was his intention to reinstate the following original intentions at the earliest opportunity:-

• Those who have stipulated euthanasia, if appropriate, in their “advance care directives” to be given a lethal injection at a time decided by the doctor.