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Prime Minister Christopher Hipkins – “what is a woman?

Media Release 13 April 2023

Right to Life believes that the Prime Minister, Christopher Hipkins is not fit to lead this country and should resign.

It is a lie for the Prime Minister to say a man can be a woman.

It is dangerous and unfair to allow males into female-only spaces, female sports and female-only services.

The Prime Minister, in reply to the question, put to him by Sean Plunket on 3rd April on Platform, “What is a women?” was taken aback as he not been briefed and replied that ” people define their own gender.” He clearly supports the ideology that women are not only those who are biological women, who have XX genes, have been created by God with a uterus, are capable of conceiving a child and bringing it to birth. He also accepts the false ideology that biological men may choose to identify as women.