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New Conservative Party - South Island Campaign Launch

The New Conservative Party is launching its South Island Campaign in Christchurch on Saturday 5th August. We encourage our members to support who we believe are the only party contesting the coming election that hold a fully Pro-Life perspective and pro-life policies. On the New Conservatives "Life" policy page they state "Human rights begin in the womb, and the first duty of the government is to protect the right to life of its people. Any government that fails to do this has failed at the most basic level.

If we are going to see change in the way our country treats its most vulnearble, then we must have a Pro-Life presence in Parliament. None of the parties currenlty in the corridors of power have any regard for the unborn child or the right to life of our elderly and vulnerable, that is abundantly obvious in light of the way both government and opposition MP's have voted in recent years. It is time for a change. Right to Life believes If New Zealand vote as it has always voted, we will get what we've allways got.