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National’s policy on law & order fundamentally flawed!

Media Release 28 June 2023

Christopher Luxon, leader of the National Party claims “Enough is enough - New Zealanders have the right to feel safe from crime”. He has commendably declared that law and order is an important issue for this 2023 general election.

This issue should have applied to the more than 540,000 unborn New Zealanders who have been murdered since 1977, authorised and funded by the state, under the pretext that it is an essential “health service”. What sort of people support this unspeakable violence against women and their precious children?

Law & order begins in the womb!

His election policy is fundamentally flawed, as he has promised that he will do nothing to keep New Zealanders safe during the first 9 months of their life, nor will he protect women from the violence of abortion. All New Zealanders have a right to life from conception to natural death and a right to feel safe from violence, not just those who are born. Why is he ignoring our most vulnerable?