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Lest we forget!

Media Release 6 August 2023

Those who are prepared to kill the unborn should not be trusted to govern the born. Prime Minister Christopher Hipkins is inviting us to trust him to govern us and to vote for him at the 2023 general election. Why should we trust him to protect us and our families, when he is prepared to kill the unborn?

Christopher Hipkins is endeavouring to distance himself from the toxic legacy of Jacinda Ardern, who was the architect of the extremist Abortion Legislation Act that effectively provides for the killing of the unborn up to birth. There is no difference between his and Jacinda Ardern’s voting record in support of abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage, drugs and the decriminalisation of all drugs.

Right to Life believes that the Prime Minister supports a culture of death, which seeks the destruction of the family of exclusively one man and one woman. He supports the war against women and does not accept that a woman is an adult female human. He believes that men can identify as women with access to women’s toilets, changing rooms and sports teams.

As the Minister of Education, he supported the corruptive Family Planning Association style sex education in schools, the teaching of the LGBQTI agenda and the transgender agenda with children being taught that it was their choice what gender they are.