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Government’s war on Free Speech Postponed!

Updated: Feb 17

Media Release 9 February 2023

Right to Life believes that the government’s war on free speech has not been defeated, it has only been postponed till after the general election. It is believed that the government’s agenda is to control what we believe and say by criminalising speech that they hate.

Right to Life is opposed to all speech that expresses hostility towards or excites contempt and hostility for people. The Human Rights Act already provides legal redress and does not need amendment.

Right to Life welcomes the announcement of the Prime Minister, Christopher Hipkins to withdraw the Human Rights [Incitement on grounds of Religious Belief] Amendment bill. It is the government’s intention to refer the contentious issue of hate speech and the curtailment of free speech to the Law Commission for advice on future hate speech laws that would hopefully receive support from the opposition in Parliament.

Right to Life believes that the government’s ultimate objective is to outlaw speech that they hate. It is our belief that the government hates speech that challenges the government’s promotion of abortion and euthanasia as “health services”

Right to Life is opposed to the killing of unborn children and the terminally ill as a violation of human rights. It is our belief, that it is the government’s intention to ultimately outlaw as hate speech, all speech which upholds the right to life of the unborn child and the vulnerable in society.

This contentious bill is currently with the Justice Select Committee that is considering submissions made by the public. The Committee was directed to