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Government orders pharmacists to be – abortion providers!

Updated: Jun 21

Media Release 5 March 2023

Right to Life believes that the community should be outraged that the noble profession of pharmacy has been exploited by the government to accept that it has a responsibility to dispense lethal drugs to kill unborn children, the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family. If today a pharmacist is prepared to kill the unborn on the orders of the government, be warned that tomorrow a pharmacist may be ordered by the government to dispense lethal drugs to kill you!

The government of Chris Hipkins is the first government in the history of New Zealand that has ordered pharmacists to co-operate in the killing of the unborn.

Right to Life is disappointed that the New Zealand Pharmaceutical Society fully supports its members becoming abortion providers. There are more than 900 registered pharmacies in New Zealand and over 4,000 registered pharmacists.

Every one of these pharmacists on the orders of the government has become an abortion provider. The Society has betrayed its members and the community it is pledged to serve.

Each pharmacist since the 1st November 2022 is legally empowered to dispense the lethal drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol to kill an unborn child in its first 10 weeks of life.

Right to Life believes that the NZ Pharmacy Council, by accepting that pharmacists have a legal responsibility to dispense these lethal drugs, is in breach of its own code of ethics not to dispense drugs that will harm or kill their patients.