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Government imposes tyrannical restrictions on free speech and assembly

Media Release 28 July 2023

The Labour Green government of Christopher Hipkins has now approved unprecedented 'safe zones' of 150 metres around five major public hospitals and one private clinic. where unborn children are poisoned, sucked from their mother’s wombs or violently and painfully dismembered and their mothers wounded from government funded “abortion care”.The government is seeking to address a problem that does not exist. There is no evidence of harassment or intimidation of women seeking an abortion or of abortion staff in New Zealand. The government is seeking to control what we think, what we say and where may go by imposing unjust laws.

These “Safe Areas’ will come into force from 25th August 2023 and will criminalise any person who exercises their rights of free speech and assembly supposedly protected by the NZ Bill of Rights, within a government declared “safe area”.

This would include family of the girl or woman or anyone else who wants to offer love and support to choose life for the unborn child. The government is now processing a second round of applications for these so-called “safe areas.”