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God is the source of all authority!

Media Release October 19th 2023

Will the new government led by Christopher Luxon have the courage to rectify the damage created by the defeated Labour government?

Those who govern us ultimately derive their authority from God.

All authority comes from God. Our government must ultimately give an account to God for the manner they have exercised that authority.

Today secular humanism is the new religion which permeates our culture and which denies the existence of the Creator and His Divine right to demand that civil laws be based on the laws of God.

We have witnessed the desolation of the secular humanist Labour/Green government. which foolishly rejected their duty to uphold the sanctity of the life of every member of our community, from conception to natural death, the natural family of exclusively one man and one woman, and its duty to promote the common good.

Right to Life hopes that the Labour Party will return to its Christian foundation. The Party was founded by Christian men who defended the right to life of every human being from conception and the God given dignity of every human being. Right to Life believes that New Zealand still needs a strong centre left Labour Party which is committed to defending the family and the sanctity of life of every human being, following the example of its Christian founder Michael Joseph Savage.

What can we learn from the demise of the Labour/Green government?