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Deafening and shameful silence of media -National March for Life.

Updated: Feb 21

Media Release 7 December 2022

Right to Life is disappointed at the deafening silence of State owned Radio NZ and TVNZ who chose to refuse to report on the National March for Life. The nation’s twenty-one daily newspapers also suppressed any reporting on the National March for Life.

There were only two major media organisations, Newshub and Prime TV that provided any coverage of this major newsworthy event. They also gave equal coverage to a handful of angry demonstrators who loudly proclaimed “the right of women to kill their children before they are born”.

The media, the fourth estate have an important role to play in being our watchdog and our advocate for a just society, they alone can hold the legislature and the judiciary to account. Why are they not a powerful voice opposing the violence of abortion against women and against our unborn, why have they chosen to be silent? Their silence undermines the trust that the community should have in the media.

Nearly 3,000 men women and children marched from Civic Square to Parliament on Saturday 3 December. They were a voice for the voiceless unborn children who are innocent victims of the government’s war against women and their precious children. It was a call for the government to end the State sanctioned and funded violence against women and their unborn. The killing each year of more than 13,000 innocent and defenceless unborn children is a violation of human rights, a crime against humanity and an intolerable burden on the conscience of our nation.

All the news media in New Zealand were aware of the National March for Life as they had been given advice of the March in November by the organisers of the March for Life.