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Culture of death opposes supremacy of conscience!

Media Release 4 October 2023

Right to Life believes that as abortion is a conscience issue for every Member of Parliament. Christopher Luxon, as leader must respect the absolute right of every member to speak up in defense of life and support legislation that will provide increased protection for women and our defenseless unborn from the violence of abortion.

Christopher Luxon stated correctly in 2021 that abortion was murder. This was his conscience, the voice of God guiding him to do good and to avoid evil.

Right to Life asks: why then did Christopher Luxon defy God and his conscience, by declaring that any government that he led would not amend the Abortion Legislation Act?

He said, “Yes, there's no change to abortion laws, access to funding, access to healthcare. Those laws have been settled. They're not changing under my government. And frankly, they're not what New Zealanders are interested in right now."

On RNZ on 27 June 2022 he stated: “It's a sensitive and distressing issue, and I want to make sure that New Zealanders understand there will be no change under a National government."

Abortion is violence against women and the unborn, it is intrinsically evil, and violates the fifth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” and is a crime against humanity.