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Auckland University Debating Society Event

FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Right to LIfe supports those few political parties who have policies that support the right to life of our unborn children and those whose lives are at risk. One of those parties is New Conservative.

On Tuesday 28th Feb, The University of Auckland Debating Society is hosting one of the first election debates of 2023. Helen Houghton Co-Leader of the New Conservative Party will be one of the party leaders being interviewed by Jack Tame.

We believe that it is important that our members are informed about the policies supported by our political parties, particularly in regards to Life issues. If you have the time please consider tuning into this debate tomorrow evening .Full details are below.

Representatives across all the main political parties will be present at the debage which has space for up to 300 to attend in person and the event will be livestreamed.

The debate will be moderated by Jack Tame and will be livestreamed across the University of Auckland Debating Society’s social media.


February 28, 2023 at 7:00pm – 9pm