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ACT Party is an abortion party that also threatens free speech!

Media Release 23 September 2023

Sir Roger Douglas, a founder of ACT believes that ACT has lost its way and refuses to vote for ACT at the 2023 general election.

Right to Life encourages electors concerned with protecting our right to life and free speech to follow the example of Sir Roger.

Right to Life believes that the ACT Party, which promotes itself as defender of free speech, is actually opposed to free speech.

Right to Life believes that the ACT Party that supports the killing of the unborn and the vulnerable should not be trusted to govern the born.

In May this year David Seymour and his deputy leader Brooke van Velden announced that they were opposed to the pro-life advocacy of National Member of Parliament Simon O’Connor, the electorate MP for Tamaki.

In order to silence Simon O’Connor, Brooke van Velden was committed to contesting the election for the Tamaki electorate and removing him from Parliament.

This unprecedented action reveals to the community the ACT party’s strident support for the killing of unborn children and the suppression of free speech in defence of life in Parliament.