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Abortion – Why are the churches silent?

Updated: Feb 17

Media Release 4th February 2023

Why are the Churches not speaking up in defence of the lives of God’s precious infants and their mothers? Should they not be aware of the appalling offence to the Creator of the violent destruction of His children, each one a unique and unrepeatable miracle of His loving creation endowed at conception with an inalienable right to life.

In the nineteenth century most of the Churches were silent about slavery. In the twenty-first century most of the Churches are silent about abortion.

Can it then be said that every abortion facility is open with the permission of the local Churches? Every year in New Zealand more than 13 000 children are murdered in their mother’s womb.

Since the Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act was passed in 1977, to provide legal protection for the right to life of unborn children, more than 560,000 innocent children have been murdered in abortions in New Zealand as a state funded “reproductive health service.”

Every day an estimated 46 unborn children are poisoned, sucked out of their mother’s womb or violently dismembered. Do the Churches not hear the silent scream of these children whose cries for life echo throughout the land?

How often should the Churches speak out in defence of the unborn when there are an estimated 46 unborn children murdered every day in New Zealand? Saint John Paul II preached that we should, “defend life from the rooftops,” and warned, “woe to those who don’t defend life.”

The Bible instructs us, Proverbs 11:12 –

“Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. Tarry not to come to their aid.” If you say, “B