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Abortion safe area imposes tyranny on citizens in Christchurch Botanic Gardens!

Media Release 13 August 2023

Right to Life believes that the government is suppressing our right to free speech and assembly, under the pretext of providing a safe area for the killing of unborn children.

Right to Life asks the Minister of Health, Dr Ayesha Verrall, what evidence does she have that law abiding citizens enjoying the beauty and tranquility of our beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens, are harassing and intimidating women seeking to terminate the life of their unborn child at the Gynecological Procedure Unit on the 4th floor of the Public Hospital or at Christchurch Women’s Hospital, both on the other side of the picturesque Avon River?

Right to Life also asks why has it taken you nine months, in consultation with the Minister of Justice, Ginny Andersen, to process an application for a safe area for the Christchurch Public Hospital?

We know that it was not because you had to process thousands of submissions from outraged citizens, who were defending their right of free speech and assembly,