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Abortion is never safe for the mother or her child

Updated: Feb 17

Media Release 28 September 2022

Today, the 28th September, the international billion dollar abortion industry and the anti-feminist movement celebrates “International safe abortion day.” Their objective to make the killing of the unborn free, safe and legal. Well may the industry led by Family Planning in New Zealand celebrate as they can now kill the innocent and defenceless child effectively for any reason up to birth.

Abortion is never safe. In every abortion an innocent and defenseless unborn child is murdered by being poisoned, sucked out of its mother’s womb or violently and painfully dismembered.

This claims to be a global feminist campaign to support women’s rights and calls for those who support women’s rights and gender justice to speak up.

Women’s rights begin in the womb and Right to Life makes no apology for speaking up for the right of females to be born. True feminism is non-violent is inclusive and protective of the weak and vulnerable.

The mother is the second victim of the killing of her child who is grievously wounded, spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally. She is left with a lifetime of grief, sorrow, remorse and pain. Why do we allow this intolerable violence to be inflicted on our women and their unborn?

The leading cause of death in 2021 was abortion. There were an estimated 73 million children murdered in their mother’s womb in 2021. All other deaths are estimated at 58.7 million. The World Medical Association reported 3.5 million deaths from Covid-19.