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Will the new Government mean any change for the unborn and vulnerable?

Media Release October 14th

While Right to Life rejoices with our nation as we celebrate the defeat of the most secular humanist anti-life government in our nation’s history, we have to ask if the incoming one will be any better? Can we have any confidence in a party led by a politician who has publicly stated that he will resign as Prime Minister, if access to abortion is restricted in any way under his leadership? Can we also have any confidence in National Party's likely coalition partner Act leader David Seymour, who not only holds extreme pro-abortion views, but who is indeed the author of Euthanasia legislation which puts the vulnerable at great risk. Not only so but Seymour has informed Right to Life that he intends to greatly expand the provisions for euthanasia during the next Parliamentary term.

Let's make no mistake, in terms of a shift towards a more Pro-Life, Pro-family government, the result tonight does not show it.

We should never forget that all authority comes from our Creator to whom we are accountable, we forget this at our peril lest we make the same mistake again.

Right to Life believes that those who are prepared to kill the unborn and the vulnerable in our community should not be trusted to govern the born.

Right to Life is disappointed that the electorate was not prepared to support any of the smaller parties which hold human life as sacred and hold Judeo-Christian values. It is quite clear that those who say they hold these values have for the most part put their wallets ahead of their moral values.

We can only hope that the incoming government will have a change of heart in terms of the woke and liberally progressive direction in which we have for