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Will Tamaki voters choose culture of life and reject culture of death?

Right to Life encourages the citizens of the Tamaki electorate at this 2023 Parliamentary election to again choose Simon O’Connor, advocate for a culture of life as their Member of Parliament.

A recent Curia poll commissioned by the Taxpayers Union revealed 40% support for Simon O’Connor and 38%support for Brooke van Velden.

Tamaki and New Zealand desperately need Parliamentarians who are committed to promoting a culture of life and who are opposed to a culture of death. Right to Life believes that a vote for Brooke van Velden is a vote for a culture of death.

Simon O’Connor, who was first elected in 2011 as MP for Tamaki, believes in the sanctity of life of every human being from conception to natural death. He is opposed to the violence of abortion against women and their precious unborn. He is opposed to doctors killing their patients with a lethal injection or assisting in their suicide.

Right to Life believes that Brooke van Velden, Deputy Leader of the ACT party, the abortion Party which supports the violent killing of the defenseless unborn and the vulnerable ill with a lethal injection or assist in their suicide, should not be trusted to represent Tamaki or to govern the born.

Right to Life believes that the unremitting war waged against a culture of life and humanity by the advocates of a culture of death is being waged at this election in every electorate in New Zealand. The culture of death seeks the destruction of the culture of life, suppression of dissent and complete submission.