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The Well Being Budget of 2023 Is Certainly Not For Unborn Children!

Updated: Jun 21

Media Release 26 May 2023

The government is providing an estimated $13 million in its “Wellbeing Budget 2023, Support for today, building for tomorrow”, budget, to fund the killing of an anticipated 13,000 unwanted unborn children as a “health service” in the coming 12 months.

Right to Life asks whose well being does the Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins actually have in mind? How is he promoting the wellbeing of the next generation by allowing one in five of our unborn children to be violently murdered, poisoned, sucked from their mother’s womb or bring brutally dismembered and their human remains being sent to the local landfill as medical waste?

Right to Life commends the government for its objective of reducing child poverty. Jan Tinetti is the Minister of Child Poverty Reduction. Her aim is to help achieve a significant and sustained reduction in child poverty and to improve the wellbeing of children and young people in New Zealand. It is encouraging that the government has given priority in this budget to reducing child poverty.

Why then does the government not recognise that the greatest poverty that can be inflicted on a child is for him or her to be violently deprived of their life before he or she is born?

As the previous Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern was the architect of the Abortion Legislation Act 2020, which greatly facilitated the killing of the unborn as a so-called “health service”. Why does the government not accept responsibility for this poverty inflicted on the unborn?