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Teacher struck off for refusing to call a girl a boy!

Media Release 22nd June 2023

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has struck a teacher off the register because he refused to call a fourteen year old girl in his class, a boy and to use personal pronouns that would identify her as a boy.

Right to Life asks them if they also support young women being mutilated by having their breasts and uterus removed?

The government, the Teaching Council and the Teacher’s Disciplinary Tribunal support female students being victims of the insane fiction of transitioning to male. Once puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are taken then it is a one way trip to sterility.

Right to Life questions the justice of the decision of the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal which we believe violates the human rights of a teacher recently being struck off for exerecising his right of free speech and freedom of religion. It also violates the right of the student to be educated in a safe environment.

Right to Life upholds the biolo