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Press uses legally questionable euthanasia case as an example of "death with dignity"


The Press.

Dear Sir,

It is sad that Mike Beveridge has endured intense suffering from cancer of the oesophagus. He chose to have a doctor terminate his life on Monday presumably with a lethal injection. The report in The Press reports that Mike Beveridge was in no doubt that he would have suffered months or even years of misery and pain with the same inevitable conclusion. Is The Press aware that the End of Life Choice Act 2019 states that the patient is required to have a diagnosis that the patient is expected to die within six months? In view of the fact that the patient expected to live for some years the lawfulness of this termination of life is highly questionable. Readers may well ask if The Press wants to promote euthanasia in our community as “choice” and “death with dignity” why does it hold up as an example a case that may be illegal?

Yours faithfully,

Ken Orr.