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David Seymour & ACT increasing threat to the vulnerable!

Media Release 14 November 2023

Right to Life requests that the incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon does not concede in coalition negotiations with David Seymour that he be given responsibility for conducting the contentious review of the End of Life Choice Act to be conducted in 2024.

Right to Life believes that a genuine review of the Act will reveal the horrific damage inflicted on our community by this immoral and dangerous legislation.

The legislation violates the fifth commandment of God, Thou shalt not kill. It violates human rights and is a crime against humanity. Only a fool says there is no God. We violate His commandments at our peril.

David Seymour, leader of ACT and his deputy leader Brooke van Velden MP both passionate advocates for increasing the number of persons eligible to be put to death, authorised and fully funded by the state, as having lives not worthy of living, under the pretence that it is health care provided by the End of Life Choice Act.

Right to Life warns the community to resist every effort that might be made by ACT, Labour and the Greens in the forth-coming review that will increase the threat to the lives of the vulnerable in New Zealand to being killed by their doctor with a lethal injection or assisted in suicide.

David Seymour has already disclosed that he wants the killing to be available to those who are not in a terminal condition, such as Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neuron disease. Where will Seymour’s list end, why not include, dementia, alysymers and anorexia nervosa?