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Abortion safe areas – escalation of the war on women!

Media Release 25 August 2023

The government’s unwarranted imposition of suppression of free speech zones under the guise of safe areas marks the escalation of the government’s war against women and their unborn.

Today the 25th August is a day of shame, humiliation and a violation of free speech and assembly. This is the day when 6 abortion providers had imposed on them a safe area designation. The safe area extends for 150 metres around the abortion facility or the hospital.

It is now unlawful for any person to enter this area to offer care and help to any woman seeking an abortion. A caring person offering help to a woman could be arrested by the police, charged in court and fined up to $1,000.

The despairing message that the government is giving to women entering these so called safe areas, is that this is a safe area to have your baby killed, with respect for your privacy and dignity.